Submission Instructions

1. Choose a film to write music for:

*Submission must consist of PDF ​and MIDI or live recording (mp3, WAV, etc.).

2. After uploading, fill out form the below and select submit.

3. Upon submittion you will receive a confirmation email with PayPal link to pay       a processing fee of $10. 

4. Information about the public final round event on April 29th, 2017 will be provided.

*Please note, your submission will not be accepted until payment is recieved and form is completed below.
We appreciate your understanding.

We are a small operation that needs financial help in order to provide opportunities such as this!


Choose all or any combination:

- Flute
- Bb Clarinet (or Bass Clarinet, Flute, or Alto Sax)
- Bassoon
- Bb Trumpet (or C Trumpet, or Flugel)
- Trombone
- Violin I
- Violin II
- Viola
- Violoncello
- Contrabass
- Piano
- Small Percussion (snare drum, maracas, triangle, etc., but no mallets)